Why Choose Tagum? Why Choose Tagumpay?


“Tagum, Tagumpay! Tagumpay, Tagum!”

This is what you will hear every time Tagumenyos gather for special events and occasions. Tagumpay which means triumph or success is definitely the right word to describe this city that has morphed from a rustic town into what it is now – one of the most competitive and progressive cities in the country.

The City of Tagum is the provincial capital of Davao Del Norte and one of the six cities in the whole Davao Region. It is the intersection of the three major road network systems namely; the Maharlika Highway, the Davao-Mati Road and the Davao-Agusan Road which connect the city to other major destinations in the region and in the entire Mindanao.

When Tagum was officially created into a component city thirteen years ago, many brands and nicknames had been associated to it. For one, the City of Tagum is crowned as the premier Palm City of the Philippines. The City’s Palm Tree Planting Project along the city’s National Highway and major thoroughfares had drawn the attention and appreciation of those who pass by the city. The grown healthy palm trees beautifully and strategically added aesthetic value to the roads of City. Today, the City continues to propagate such pro-environment project.

Another term coined to describe the City of Tagum is being the Music Capital of Mindanao. Tagumeños are known for their love and passion for music as displayed on the different music festivals and musical events that City celebrates each year. Some of the best singers in the country today hail from the city. The city’s annual Musikahan sa Tagum becomes the most sought-after event in the Davao Region as it congregates the best musical artists and enthusiasts from the different parts of the country and the world to celebrate the world’s universal language, the Music.

Not known to many, the City of Tagum is also called as the City of Parks. It boasts of various parks and plazas that pave the way to create and entice micro business enterprises among the constituents of the City. Among those parks visited by most tourists are the Freedom Park, the Rotary Park and Recreation Center, the Energy Park, the Mangrove Park, Botanical Garden, the La Filipiniana Public Cemetery Park and more.

And finally, with its 14 Colorful Festivals and Vibrant Events, the City of Tagum is branded as the Home of Festivals in Mindanao. These 14 festivals are celebrated on the different months of the year giving the Tagumeños something to look forward to every month. Tagumeños come out of their homes and flock to these festival venues to celebrate their various colorful fiestas and celebrations depicting their lives and culture as One Tagumeños.

More than the Palm Trees, Music, Parks and Festivals, the City of Tagum is one destination teeming with eco-adventure sites and manmade tourist spots worth experiencing. An hour away from Davao City, Tagum is also a great destination to visit and enjoy when in Davao Region.

“Tagum, Tagumpay! Tagumpay, Tagum!”

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