Mati City in Davao Oriental is tourist famous primarily because of Dahican Beach but there is more to the city that just it’s beautiful coastline.

Here are some of the things you can do it Mati aside from frolicking at the beach.

1. Drop by the viewing deck at Badas Road upon entering the city and see the unique landform locals call the “Sleeping Dinosaur”.

2. Mati is one of the oldest towns in the Davao Region. Founded in 1861 by Spanish authorities and chartered in 1903, Mati became a city in 2007. Visit the City Hall and have a picture taken by this old gate reflecting the year Mati was chartered.

3. Near the City Hall is also the Mati Baywalk where locals go to sit and relax and look out to Pujada Bay. It is also the venue for many city activities. Fronting the park is an array of restaurants and shops. Try the famous empanadas of Seaside Restaurant that’s also located in the area.

4. Mati City is also the capital city if Davao Oriental hence the Provincial Capitol is also located there. A three-storey building located at the Capitol Hills, locals also call it “White House” due the white paint all around. The Capitol compoung also has a park, a children’s playground, basketball and tennis courts.

5. The most popular spot in Mati is the seven-kilometer-white-sanded Dahican Beach. The origin of Dahican is the local word “dahik” which describes the way sea turtles crawl up the beach to lay their eggs during the summer months. Dahican is also home to other marine creatures like the dugongs (sea cow) and dolphins.

6. You’ll see him in Dahican Beach either practicing or hanging around with his buddies but is always ready to accommodate guests who want to take a photo with him. Local skimboarding champion Sonny Boy “Bayogyog” Aporbo rose to boardsports fame in 2012 by winning back-toback competitions in Malaysia and HongKong. He also won 3 more times in Penang in the years 2013, 2015 and 2016. Bayogyog hopes to compete in the United Skim Tour – the most prestigious skimboarding event – next year.

7. The Cinco Masao Beach Resort in Barangay Tamisan has been in operation since 2001 and is noted for the unique row of cottages near the water.

8. The City of Mati holds the Sambuokan Festival every last week of October. The term Sambuokan was derived from a Mandaya term “buok” meaning one thus the festival is a celebration of unity and “oneness”. The highlight of the festival is a streetdancing competition while there are also various activities throughout the city.

Want more fun? Make it Mati!
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