If you want to experience life and dining the lumad (Mindanao Indigenous People) way, visit TRIBU KLATA TAKANNA in the highland barangay of Tamayong or Tomayong to the Klata tribe which means rushing water.

Takanna, a Klata word for “kan-anan” or eatery, is a social enterprise that is spearheaded by the Bagobo Klata community of Barangay Tamayong through Lemuel Betil, one of the tribal elders with graduate students from the University of Southeastern Philippines namely Preslyn Ramos, Camille Cinchez and Jenny Loyola.

Betil, who is also the brother of the tribal chieftain, said that they are doing this to preserve their “dying” culture.

Lemuel Betil of the Klata tribe

The Takanna, which offers authentic Klata cuisiine, was conceptualized to provide sustainable livelihood and to re-discover and preserve the rich cuisine and vibrant cultural traditions of the Bagobo Klata community in Tamayong. It is also the first phase of the project which includes a Tribal House where they showcase beadwork and other crafts and a Tribal Church that will also double as community center.

It’s about an hour’s drive from the heart of Davao City to the Takanna but the views and the food make it all worth it. Aside from the food, children from the community will also share songs and dances with the visitors.

For P400 per person, a group of four can enjoy the Klata’s signature dishes the main of which is the Lullut, a dish of native chicken or shrimp cooked in coconut milk inside a bamboo segment.

According to Betil, Lullut is to them what lechon is to lowlanders as no celebration is ever complete without it.

The Bagobo Klata is among Davao’s 11 tribes and is also one of the three Bagobo sub-groups whence the name Davao was derived. Historically, the tribe is known for weaving and beadwork.

To book the Tribu Klata Experience Package, an advance reservation of at least 24 hours prior to visit, is required. It can be done via facebook – or call 0917 536 8549, or email

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