Flora & Fauna

The Davao Region is famous internationally because of its rich biodiversity. Check out the many floral farms and attractions all over the region including the Bonsai Forest that can only be found at Mt. Hamiguitan which is also home to a variety of rare and endemic flora and fauna. A trek to Mount Candalaga may just give you the chance to see the Rafflesia, the largest flower in the world. Davao City alone is home to several hectares of flower gadens home to the rare and indigenous Vanda Sanderiana or waling-waling. International tourists find it hard to believe that the tropical Davao Region can boast of hundreds of thousands pine trees growing all over Eden Nature and Resort Park.

Philippine Eagle

Is then second largest eagle in the world next to the harpey eagle of South America. The Philippine Eagle was once called as the Monkey-eating eagle beacause it was believed to prey only on monkeys but it was found that the eagles also eat other animals such as chicken, wild pig, snake


Dubbed as the “Queen of Philippine Orchids”, the Waling-waling or Vanda Sanderiana is the rarest, most beautiful and most expensive among the thousands of orchid species in the country. Endemic only to the Philippines, this lovely flower grows on the trunks of tall tropical trees in the forests of Davao, Sultan Kudarat, and other parts of Mindanao.

Monfort Bat Cave

in Samal island was recognized by Guinness as th e world’s largest colony of Geoffry’s Rousette Fruit Bats or Rousetteus amplexicaudatus. The fruits bats colony is located at the Monfort eco-Park at Brgy. Tambo, Island Garden City of Samal. The said cave has five openings with an estimated bat population of 1.8 million. Fruit bats are less appreciated and sometimes misunderstood creatures but they are also good pollinators and source of organic fertilizer known as guano.

Crocodile Park

Showcases a ‘state of the art’ crocodile farming system in the Philippines with other exotic animal species like raptors monkeys, bearcats, snakes, birds and other reptiles available for public viewing and entertainment. Live feeding of the crocodiles are done on weekends at 4 PM at the park along diversion road.

Mt. Hamiguitan

In the Philippines, out of the six UNESCO World Heritage Sites, only one can be found in Mindanao. That is the Mount Hamiguitan Range Wildlife Sanctuary found in Davao Oriental, the only mountain range heritage site in the country. It is for this reason that the province deems it as its “Most Treasured Natural Jewel”.

Mount Hamiguitan lies in the middle of a narrow peninsula with the Pacific Ocean to the east and the Davao Gulf to the west. Situated at the southern end of the Eastern Mindanao Biodiversity Corridor, Mount Hamiguitan covers 31,879 hectares of beach, lowland, montane, and mossy forest types. It occupies the land area within the political boundaries of San Isidro, Governor Generoso and the province’s capital, the City of Mati.

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