There is no name more synonymous with New Corella than the famed Panas Inland Resort. Being the Water Basin of the Province of Davao Del Norte, New Corella teems with cool watercourses from filtered streams to unspoiled springs, pristine cascades to unblemished waterfalls making it an ideal place for river trekking and water adventure. Panas Falls and Inland Resort pioneered such outdoor escape.

Panas Falls and Inland Resort is the foremost inland resort in the whole New Corella. It is an LGU-operated resort developed to become the primary eco-tourism site of the town. It nestles in the forest protected area of Barangay Carcor dotting of multi tiered cascades, layered streams and filtered spring waters perfect to define an ideal eco-tourism adventure.

Since its opening, Panas Falls and Inland Resort has created a good reputation in the eco-tourism industry not just in the province of Davao Del Norte but the whole of Davao Region. It has drawn thousands of nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts from neighboring towns and nearby cities to come to this part of New Corella and experience eco-tourism at its best. Because of its popularity, Panas has become synonymous to New Corella and considered one of the most important tourist spots of Davao Del Norte.

Getting to Panas Inland Resort is approximately 30 minutes from the town proper passing through bumpy rough roads and scenic countryside of New Corella. The long travel may seem tiresome but it instantly fades once the natural beauty of Panas is beheld.

Panas Falls and Inland Resort boasts of its multi-tiered cascading waterfalls freely flowing from different cool streams. These various streams and multi-tiered cascades becomes perfect spot to just soak or simply take a plunge to its insanely refreshing cool waters.

Aside from the natural pools, Panas Falls and Inland Resort also encompasses two flowing water swimming pools built just within the base of the waterfalls. The flowing water source also come from the Panas Waterfalls, thus, guaranteed to be clean and safe.

Among the best things that Panas Falls and Inland Resort has to offer, river trekking upstream is definitely the best to experience. The river trek started from the very base of Panas Inland Resort going up to the very source of the flowing stream. It is an hour of river trekking passing through layers of watercourses and streams. The thick foliage and the aged trees that envelop the streams added more nature’s bliss to the trek. The further one goes, the more it became exhilarating. A great water adventure, one can exclaim.

New Corella is a destination to explore in Davao Del Norte. Panas Falls is a must-visit. But sside from the waterfalls the town boasts, it has a number of caves to explore. Visit New Corella and commune with Mother Nature at Panas Inland resort.

HOW TO GET TO NEW CORELLA: From Davao City Overland Transport Terminal (DCOTT), take a passenger bus going to the City of Tagum, the Capital Town of Davao Del Norte. Drop off at the Tagum City Overland Transport Integrated Terminal. Once there, look for the place where passenger jeepneys bound to New Corella are stationed. Davao City to New Corella is about two hours travel time.

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