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Be prepared for the numerous exciting and thrilling adventures that await you when you visit the Davao Region. Expect the most breathtaking views to accompany you during the most memorable ups and downs of your life as you literally explore the water, the mountains and the skies of the Davao Region.


Now this is what you call a real body and mind challenge. Only the fittest and the most adventurous can go water rafting. Conquer the rivers and the big rocks either at Calinanin
Davao City or Santa Cruz, Davao trek to the base area for water rafting all the way to the snake-like rivers.

How to get there
The Crocodile Park offers water rafting adventure trips and the fee is already inclusive of the transportation to Calinan. But if you are doing this on your own, then there are regular jeepney trips going to Calinan and the trip takes only a little more than an hour. If you want to go water tubing in Santa Cruz, Davao del Sur then you can take the less than an hour bus or van ride from the Davao City Ecoland Terminal.Ecoland Terminal.


How to get there:
Barangay Tacunan is easy to reach from the city center either via the Mintal or Calinan jeepneys or via taxi. The jeepney ride from downtown will tak around 30 to 45 minutes uo to Mintal proper. Then take a 10-minute motorcycle ride to the Wakeboard Park.


Davao is not only blessed with lush nature parks, exotic wildlife and beautiful beaches. It is one of the top adventure destinations of the Philippines offering many exciting and adventurous pursuits. It hosts to a number of zip lines found along the diversion road which are Zip City and Outland Adventure and another at Eden Nature Park. All these zip lines are easy to access as they are within Davao City.


The waves of Dahican, Mati, Davao Oriental attracts beach goers and surfers alike. The beach is facing the Pacific Ocean and during surfing seasons, waves can get as high 10 feet, that’s why this place is mecca for surfers and skim boarders. Amti is accessible by air, land, sea transportation and Davao Ity serves as the entry point. It is 165 km. From the Davao International Airport – a leisurely 2.5 hr. ride. Vans for hire are readily available at Gaisano Mall and Victoria Plaza Terminal and commuter buses regularly leave the Davao City every 30 minutes. Fast craft is also available at Santa Ana wharf.


Without doubt caving (potholing (UK) / spelunking (USA)) around Davao is one of the highlights of any Philippines adventure travel vacation. Whether for one day or a whole week, caving Davao tour packages will enrich your senses and empower you to consider the wondrous power of Nature, when it is given time to create something unique.

Davao may be famously known for durian, the Philippine Eagle, and the rousing Kadayawan Festival but Airphil Express is all set to transform your vacation impressions as it helps you explore the depths and peaks of the province.

Some of Davao’s wonders include its beautiful and mysterious caverns. Spelunking lets you become intimate with nature’s depths, and every cave is distinct. It takes daring and trust in the unknown to rappel deep down into the dark caves, squeeze through tight spaces, and negotiate cliffs and underground waters.


If living the city life in Davao may lose some of its appeal and excitement after sometime, retreating to the boondocks might be a good alternative. The surrounding areas of metro Davao have much to offer. To the northwest and southwest of the city are the mountains and hills of Calinan and Toril, which are set with long trails, rough terrains and both short and long climbs that are sure to delight the hiking enthusiast.

Although parts of these areas have been deforested to make way for various plantations of vegetable and fruits, there are still the untouched zones within these areas that brim with rich flora and fauna and panoramic sights.

In the Calinan District, Tamayong is one of the best places to explore. Before reaching the campsite at Purok 8, you have to climb five hills and cross three rivers. One sight to see after arriving at the campsite is an old almasiga tree, the biggest and the tallest in the area. It is located 50 meters from Datu Ilando’s house in the campsite. There is also an abundance of waterfalls around Tamayong; there are seven in all, enough to satisfy and relax any weary hiker with their cold water that can sooth tired and aching muscles.

You can also take the Tamayong Trail leading to Mount Apo, the highest peak in the Philippines. Although this is the longest and hardest way to Mount Apo, the scenic beauty and the diverse display of vegetation and animal life that the environment of this trail presents rewards the hiker with an incomparable experience. Along the way, you can see century-old trees, well preserved by the locals and environment groups. You will also traverse creeks, rivers and several waterfalls.

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