DURIAN KAYO D’YAN! – 10 Ways to Enjoy Durian

It’s undeniable that when one thinks of Davao that aside from the Philippine Eagle, the durian fruit always comes to mind. The King of Fruits already has a solid reputation so no visit to Davao is ever complete without gorging on luscious durian for dessert or even as a fruitarian meal.

For locals, the best kind of durian is ripe and fresh thus we’d love for you, our guests, to try it that way at least once.

There are about 30 varieties of durian worldwide and 16 of these can be found in the Philippines, mostly in the Davao Region, so there’s a lot for guests to choose from.

We highly recommend the Arancillo and Puyat varieties for their sweetness and not-so-pungent smell as not to shock the guests’ taste buds and noses. A majority of Dabawenyos, however, prefer the native variety that has a bittersweet taste.

Grown in the foothills of Mt. Apo and pollinated by the biggest colony of fruit bats from the nearby Island Garden City of Samal, Davao del Norte we can truly say that the Davao durian is best-tasting.

But if you aren’t so fond of the fresh fruit, here are your other options.

There’s the are candy bars and yema that is mixed with other ingredients from raisins to mallows to nuts. For baked goodies, you can have the hopia and piaya. There’s also the yummy durian spread that kids love.

We also invite you to spend an afternoon sipping durian coffee and pair it cool durian pie. Most of our homegrown coffee shops serve those from cappuccino to frappe.

If that’s not your thing, then there’s Durian Ice Cream which is absolutely everyone’s favorite.

For something sweet to share after a large meal, there’ the Durian Sans Rival at Lachi’s that is an absolutely divine dessert.

Have a durian date and make your Davao visit an unforgettable one. We dare you!

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