Bring Home a Friend Program

Bring Home a Friend to the Philippines” (BHAF) is a referral incentive program that was originally implemented from 1994 to 1997. With Secretary Wanda Tulfo-Teo at the helm of the Department of Tourism, the program will be revived to encourage Filipinos, residing here and abroad plus expatriates based in the Philippines, to help in promoting Philippine tourism by inviting their foreign friends to come and visit the Philippines.

In order to entice Overseas Filipinos to participate in the program, we will appeal to their sense of nationalism and love of country while providing them with the chance to win attractive prizes in the raffle draws for the Sponsoring Overseas Filipinos and their Invitees/Foreign friends. The program is anchored on the opportunity presented by the presence of millions of Filipinos residing and/or working abroad. Based on the 2015 report issued by the Department of Foreign Affairs, copy of which is attached, there are 9.1 Million Overseas Filipinos. More than 3 million reside in the United States of America while more than 2 million are based in the Middle East. Other countries with a big number of Filipinos are Malaysia, Japan, China, Italy, and Australia.

These Overseas Filipinos have a deep sense of patriotism that can be explored if tapped to become Ambassadors of Goodwill. On the other hand, expatriates living in the country accounted to nearly 200,000, based on the latest Census of Population and Housing issued in 2010. As residents of the Philippines, they can be effective travel influencers to their relatives, co-workers and colleagues in their home country. Word-of-mouth plays a very big role in motivating tourists to visit the Philippines. According to the DOT 2016 Visitors Sample Survey, 51.80% of tourists came to the Philippines upon their friend’s recommendation, while 14.10% have friends or relatives in the country.

The program will run for six (6) months starting from October 2017 up to April 2018.

1. Foster love of country among Overseas Filipinos by reiterating their role as positive enforcers of Philippine Tourism.
2. Utilize the expatriates as Philippine’s “Ambassadors of Goodwill”.


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